Andy Stein and Jez Stone are millionaires, they just haven't found the money yet.

Broke and living in a battered van, Andy, (Deaf) clean-shaven and slightly obsessive shares this space with his messy, scam-creating best friend, Jez (Hearing). Just as things couldn't get worse, Jez dreams up the perfect get-rich-quick plan. Andy will be Britain's Top Deaf Psychic, but is it too much for Andy?

A sweet, humorous tale of friendship, scams and speaking to the dead.


Best Directors - 2nd Ippocampus Ciak International Deaf Cinema Festival, Milan 2010

Best Actor - Jacob Casselden, International Festival of Short-Movies in Sign Language, Tolosa, Spain 2010

Best Comedy Award - International Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival 2011

What you thought about 50/50...

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